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Pull up style covers, with extra layer of fleece in the wetzone.

 And WINDPRO in night covers

Fleece is water resistant and breathable allowing air to circulate while keeping moisture in.

HIGH rise at the back to accommodate even the bulkiest cloth nappy.

Suitable for Fitteds, prefolds and terry flat, but would recommend sizing up for a terry flat.


Sizing is as follows, measuring is the best way to get the right fit, although the fleece is stretchy there is very little give in these, I would suggest going bigger than smaller, if you are not sure.

Wide leg bands to contain moisture

Washing your fleece soaker is SUPER easy, just throw them in with your normal wash load, inside out to reduce pilling, you can add fabric softener if you wish to add to the water repelling qualities.


NB   rise -33cm, Waist -30-35cm, thigh- 13-18cm

S     rise -38cm, Waist -33-38cm, thigh- 18-21cm

M     rise -43cm, Waist -38-44cm, thigh- 23-26cm

     rise -48cm, Waist -44-48cm, thigh- 26-28cm

XL    rise -53cm, Waist -49-53cm, thigh- 29-33cm


You can also use my OSFM nappy without it’s booster as a cover

Ladybug - NB
Ladybug - NB
Out of Stock
Ladybug - S
Ladybug - S
Out of Stock
Ladybug - M
Ladybug - M
Out of Stock
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