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What does Ai2 mean? Ai2 means it is a complete nappy, with a detachable booster that is removed for washing. This makes them fast drying.

Do I need a cover? NO, the fabric used in the nappy shell and boosters will keep the nappy from leaking.

How many nappies will I need? Approx. 24 nappies will see you through, if washing every second day. 8 per day, and another 8 just incase.

What are the advantages of using a MCN to a disposable? MCNs are as convenient as a disposable, but less impact on the environment.

What do I soak my nappies in?  Nothing at all. Just a bucket with a lid DRY. Rinse soiled nappies and place in a dry bucket, until ready to wash

How do I wash my nappies? Just wash on a warm or cold wash cycle with half recommended amount of detergent or none at all.

How do I dry my nappies? Best place is on the line, the sun sanitises them and removes any stains.

What if it is cloudy? No worries the UV still gets through and will sanitise your nappies

There are dark stains on my boosters that won’t come out That is probably from the sorbitol in panadol. I would recommend if your baby is teething or has a fever use an odl nappy that is already stained to prevent disappointent in stains effect your pretties.

My boosters are all hard To make them soft and fluffy again dry in the shade and/or give a 5 mins spin in the dryer.

How does your nappy fit a newborn and a toddler? With the various snap positions you can modify the nappy to fit any size baby.

My nappies are leaking and the boosters are not absorbing moisture anymore Possible cause is a build up of detergent, do a HOT wash with no detergent. This is called ‘strip’ washing

They are so expensive, will I save money? Of course you will. Using disposable nappies for a period of 3 years could cost you well over $3,000. To set up a good MCN system would cost approximately one third of that or less. Effectively saving you a couple of thousand dollars. The cost of washing your cloth nappies is very low, especially now with MCNs, and dry pailing, no soaking, no bleaching, no detergent. Studies have been done to suggest less than $90/year

Can I reuse the nappy shell if it isn’t soiled Yes you can, just unsnap the booster and snap in a new one.

Do I wash the covers all together. As they are all sorts of colours I am assuming the colours do not run. Is this right? Yes they are fine to wash all together, because of the dying process of polyester fabrics, there is never a risk of colour run. Perhaps a little care with Cotton outers, but they have been prewashed prior to sewing.

Do I need to wash the covers and/or the inners several times before use to improve absorbency. The covers do not have any absorbancy at all, so No they will not change with repeated washing, but the boosters (inners) will become more absorbant with a few washes, All fabrics are prewashes prior to sewing, so just an initial wash and they are right to go.


If you have any other questions please email me and I would be happy to help.

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