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For information on care for your Bubba Moo nappies please read

Nappies, Boosters, liners, wipes, wet bags.

Rinse solids into the toilet 

Place nappy into a DRY bucket until you are ready to wash

Wash on warm or cold wash with NO detergent or 1/2 recommended amount I do not recommending the use of products containing sodium carbonate or sodium PRE carbonate as these products break down the properties of the elastic and PUL

Hang nappies in the SUN (even on a cloudy day UV still gets through)

You can use a dryer if need be, but SUN is best. PUL products - I recommend you DO NOT use a dryer

If your nappies start to smell, or are not as water resistant as usual, or boosters are not absorbing moisture you will need to Strip wash To do this you simply wash in the hottest water possible, with a tiny drop of dishwashing liquid. Then hang in the SUN as normal.

Dresses, breast pads,singlets, Tees,

 Cold machine wash with like colours in dissolved detergent Do not bleach Do not soak Line dry Do not tumble dry Warm iron if required Do not dry-clean 

All products come with washing instructions

Please feel free to contact me if further information is required

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