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 Newborn setting on the left. Medium on the right


One size fits MOST


Perfect design to fit skinny or chubby legs.

Double row of snaps to prevent wing droop, and super stretchy elastic  for a secure fit around any leg and tummy shape

Newborn/Small size
Under part of booster folded into 3 and top part folded in two and tucked under bottom. Front flap folded down, snapped into position (only on nappies purchased after 15/3/10) to shorten the rise, and first wing comes across and is snapped in place by the two top snaps only. The second wing comes across and snaps in all 4 spots to form a secure fit.






Under Part of booster folded in two, with bulk at front for boys adn middle for girls. Front flap is up. As baby grows the rise needs to be lengthened, same as above,the first wing comes across and is snapped in 4 places (2 top 2 bottom) second wing comes across and snaps in all 4 spots to form a secure fit.



Increase size until last row of snaps, approx 60cm around with a rise of 38cm unstretched



A complete nappy, that pulls apart for easy washing and quick drying.

Snap closures are easy to use and with mulitple snaps and super stretchy elastic, these nappies are suitable for use with a newborn to a toddler (approx 4 or 5kg – 18kg), no need to purchase different size nappies to suit different stages of growth, the nappy will grow with your baby.

The nappy shell can also be used as a cover over prefolds and fitteds, especially on a newborn, where the OSFM system does not quite fit yet.

You can re use the nappy shell if it isn’t soiled, just un snap the wet booster and snap in a dry one


Minky nappies feature an outer cover of soft Minky. An inner of Premium fleece (260wt) with an extra layer of windpro or 300wt malden mills fleece through the wet zone OR Hidden PUL and microfleece.


Fleece is water resistant and repels moisture, therefore a perfect choice for inside nappies as a waterproofing layer.

Fleece print nappies, an inner of Premium weight fleece (260wt) with an extra layer of windpro or 300wt malden mills fleece through the wet zone.

Cotton prints (PUL)

Cotton PUL nappies are made from an outer of PUL or quality quilters cotton with hidden PUL. Lined with super soft Microfleece. PUL


Super thirsty, snap in BOOSTER. Opens out for fast drying

Thick Bamboo and hidden microfibre combination with a soft microfleece closest to babies bum.

Microfibre absorbs 6X its weight in moisture while bamboo absorbs 3X, and the microfleece wicks away that mositure to keep babies bum dry.

Microfibre is HIDDEN

This gives a trim boosting system that dries fast.

If you prefer Bamboo ONLY Please email me first

The Bamboo ONLY booster is an option for those that prefer natural fibres in a booster.

Extra Stuffer boosters can be purchased to use for night or super heavy wetters.

For more information see our FAQ section

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